AWIP's 2020 Board of Directors

President: Jennifer Henington


The President shall also serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  The President shall give active direction and have control of the business and affairs of the Organization.  The President may sign contracts or other instruments, on behalf of the Organization.  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Membership and the Board of Directors.  The President shall prepare all meeting agenda and ensure notice of meetings is communicated to Members and other interested parties.  Additionally, the President shall conduct the Annual Award Nominations, if any, in a manner to be decided by the Board. In order to serve, the President shall have served as Vice-President the year immediately before becoming President. Provided, however, should the Vice President be unable or unwilling to serve as President immediately following a term as Vice President, then the person elected President must have served on the Board of Directors within three (3) years of seeking the position of President.

Vice President: Barbara Stroope


The Vice President shall act, in all matters, as the President in the absence of the President.  The Vice President shall oversee the coordination of membership events, including quarterly meetings. To be eligible to serve as Vice President, the Vice President shall have served in some capacity on the Board of Directors and/or as a committee member in the two-year period before being elected Vice-President. The Vice President, immediately following the conclusion of a term as Vice President, shall become President without the need for election.

Secretary: April Sherrill-Buirse


The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership at large, and shall maintain a copy of the same in a minute book or in electronic format.  Additionally, the Secretary shall furnish a summary of all minutes to Members upon request and shall maintain records detailing activities of the Organization.  Additionally, the Secretary shall ensure compliance with all legal requirements, including preparing and filing, as applicable, any documents necessary to maintain the Organization’s non-profit or legal corporate status. The Secretary shall also initiate review of and revisions to the Bylaws, as needed.

Treasurer: Elana Foley


The Treasurer shall be responsible for, and oversee, all financial administration of the Organization.  The Treasurer shall receive all membership income, make special disbursements as approved by the Board of Directors, pay routine expenses, maintain an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements, and submit an itemized written report to the Board of Directors, upon request, or at least annually, whichever is more frequent.  

Membership Chair: Mia Wilson


The Membership Chairperson shall maintain a current membership list with available contact information and maintain a member listserv or similar repository for electronic communications.  The Membership Chairperson shall collect membership dues and submit such to the Treasurer. In addition, the Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for promotion and retention of Members of the Organization.

Immediate Past President and Founder: Maria Bunting Smedley


The Past President shall serve as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors for continuity purposes for the organization. Any former President shall be eligible to hold this position, should the immediate Past President be unwilling or unable to serve in this role.

Past Presidents/Ex-Officio: Lori Burrows

​Arkansas Women In Power Board of Directors Duties