Arkansas Women in Power Committees

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​​​​Meetings Committee
Chairperson: Barbara Stroope (SPP)
Committee Members: Ellen Cook (SPP); Niki Gunn (SPP), Maurisa Hughes (SPP), Ashlyn Johnson (SPP), Camille Schoultz (SPP); April Sherril-Buirse (Entergy); Neeya Toleman (SPP), Cristie Arnold (SPP); Mia Wilson (SPP) and Cuiping Xu (SPP).
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Service Committee

Chairperson: Ashlyn Johnson (SPP)

Committee Members: Katie Battreal (SPP), Kelli Fairchild (Entergy), Elizabeth Solano (MISO), Cristie Turner (SPP)

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Social Media Coordinator (handle: @ArkansasWomenInPower)

Instagram and LinkedIn: Jennifer Loiacano (AECC)

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Chairperson: Connie Martindale (AECC)

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