​​​​​​Click here to learn more about the leaders who serve as AWIP's 2021 Board of Directors.

The contributions of prior Boards of Directors have ensured AWIP's long-term success. A full listing of all prior AWIP Officers may be found here. We thank them for their support of the organization during the last five years.

Vice President
Jennifer Henington
Project Manager II
EDG, Inc.

Membership Chairperson
Connie Martindale
Manager - Benefits & HRIS 


Maria Bunting Smedley
Vice President - Human Resources and Strategy

Zeynep Vural
Manager - Accounting Dept.
Southwest Power Pool

Arkansas Women In Power 2020 Board of Directors

For a list of the duties of Arkansas Women In Power's Board of Directors and their email addresses, click here.

Kendra Campbell

Business Analyst II

Southwest Power Pool


Past President
Lori L. Burrows
Vice President & General Counsel