​The Three C’s of Growing Professionally:
Confidence, Coachability, and Communication​
with Guest Speaker
Marissa Russo, M.Ed.

Formed in 2013, Arkansas Women In Power is Arkansas’s first, and only, non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting, maintaining and promoting women in the energy industry.
Arkansas Women in Power
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Arkansas Women In Power

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? What about the ever-nagging imposter syndrome that’s bringing you down? In this session, we will review ways to boost your confidence in your current role, understand why coachability is the key factor to promotion and success, and learn about how strategic communication can lead you to being at the top of your field.

In this session you will...

  • Develop skills and strategies on how to boost your confidence at work (and in life!)
  • Understand why being coachable is the key factor on promotions and connections with your team and others
  • Learn about ways to improve your verbal communication and strategize how to effectively communicate

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